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World News
Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:32 pm
Update from the 2012 WWBN Election Newsroom...

Polls closed just minutes ago but with the expertise of the finest countermonkey's have projected a landslide win for former WWBN Mad Mad World Host Dunena Reid.

Exit poll results give a strong 80% majority result for the newcomer with some even choosing to vote for exotic animals then give a vote to Frump in what has to be his worst result ever.

You heard it here first, Dunena Reid is the new American Minister for Magic!

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Sat Jan 21, 2012 6:52 am
The Magical world today woke to a flurry of Werks and stories after last night's broadcast of Dunena Reid's Weird Weird World hinted, quite strongly that recently crowned Houglass Magazine's Person of the Year Dunena Reid, was set to enter the race for the 2012 American Magical Elections with no lesser sight then the Minister's position currently held by Ronald Frump.

Speaking to the Ministry this morning reporters where told that while some paperwork may have been received it was after the weekend cut-off and would not be looked at until the subsequent week at the earliest.. unless it had fallen on the desk of one F. Blake in which one just had to hope that it would be filed at all.

Considered a possible hoax a interview with Producer and year long associate of Mr Reid Benjamin Jefferson led to the following statement "The hell I know? Trust me man I'm usually the last to find out these things"

More on this story and other top breaking news including the protest by Interweb giants Woozle against Muggle proposed internet filtering laws, after this break.

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Tue Dec 20, 2011 1:05 pm
The Accademia Magica di Italia is proud to announce the hiring of Chudley Canons star player, Jamie Savage as its new professor of Broom Flying Instruction and team quidditch coach. Interim Headmaster Angelo Benito made the announcement at a press conference this morning. He stated that "The school is pleased and grateful that someone of Senore Savage's talent would accept a position like this. The students will benefit greatly from his expertise". Professor Savage has already begun working with the students and the team has their first game soon against Venice Magical Academy.

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Sat Nov 12, 2011 7:22 pm
Our Paris news desk reports that police in Paris have begun searching the Seine River for the body of a man who is believed to have jumped from one of the bridges in a possible suicide attempt. Reported by a party on one of the barges docked along the Seine, this raw footage shot by one of the party goers shows the man plunging into the river. No sign of his exit from the river has been found and they believe that he died on impact.

Next up is....

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Fri Sep 02, 2011 10:23 am
Yes ladies the roamers where true that none other then high flung socialite and darling of the European Ministry Fifi LaRoux has been sighted in Melbourne, Australia which has recently been named the worlds most livable city for a second time.

While none have stated what brought on the arrival of Miss LaRoux there's been no question that the world famous Hit Witch has made no secret of her visit with roamers of a behind closed doors meeting with the Minister for Magic himself before dining out at the exclusive Vue de Monde for drinks. Seemingly at home in the city Fifi underwent a tour of the Auror department before attending the midwinter launch of the Matacore 'Enchantment' line of fashion robes. Speaking exclusively to WWBN Fifi states that she was very pleased to be in Australia and would not commit to any return dates nor roamers that her visit had anything to do with attempts to influence the Australian Ministry to re-think it's ties to Ronald Frump's ministry.

Witch Weekly's exclusive Interview with the well known Hit Witch hits store shelves Monday.

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Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:56 pm
It seems that exposing the Minister of Magic's secret love shack was not enough to keep the host of WWBN's Top Rating News and Current Affairs show Dunena's Mad Mad World set for long. Now with the reveal of Pottermore the controversial host has moved to point fingers at not only the American Minister for Magic but that of a number of major Magical Ministries around the world accusing them of taking bribes to allow unfettered access to the Magical World. Outrage from the claims have lead to a call for a full investigation into Mr Reid's accusations. All Eyes are now on the Various Ministers and how they will respond to the latest revelations from the Man himself, Dunena Reid of Mad Mad World.

After the break WWBN-UK Continues it's round the clock coverage of the 2011 Glastonbury Festival, taking place at Worthy Farm in the UK where our own Cherry Clinger is keeping abreast of the top stories and gossip at iconic music festival with interviews with big names and newcomers alike in the Wrock scene including a exclusive with DJ Noiseworks and former one time Weird Sister Nathan Wright.

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Fri Jun 24, 2011 5:51 pm
"In Global News today many Muggles the world over logged on to the unveiling of 'Pottermore' last night, a new co-production between 'JK', Warner Brothers and Muggle Game Man..Man..Manufacturer Sony. Promising to give Muggles and Wizards alike a whole new experience many prominent figures in the magical world have come out damning what they see as yet another crass profit making exercise at the expense of the magical community.

One Hogwarts teacher has stated that since this 'Pottermore thing' started they have been inundated with well over one thousand owls from worried parents, former students and others wishing to know if it would mean Muggles would be allowed to study at Hogwarts or.. worse the school was to give up it's long held stance amongst the only schools to not have it's own interweb network.

While many in the Wizarding World are concerned Woozle today speaking to WWBN-Japan was quoted as "Not at all Worried" while reminding Wizards and Muggles alike that "whatever Pottermore promises to be there is no doubt that with Sony it will only be a matter of time before hackers get it".

In other news the Australian Ministry of Magic has moved to deny any connection to a self-declaired witch jailed for recklessly causing serious injury and dangerous driving. The Australian Minister for Magic was quoted as calling the woman a 'Bloody Idiot' while reminding that no matter what world one thinks they belong to, the laws of Australia still apply.

This has been Kim Sparkle for WWBN News at Five"

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Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:48 am
"WWBN Today officially announced that it has apologized to American Minister for Magic Ronald Frump for allegations made about him on flagship nightly talk show Dunena's Mad Mad World hosted on WWBN. While the Minister was brought into a furor over recent alligations surrounding his private life it was the revelation of his secret Tuscan Villa that has lead to red faces and claims to 'Sue WWBN for every knurd it has'. Amid the turmoil ratings for WWBN's radio talk show have skyrocketed making it more popular then 'Clives Charms Hour'. Speaking to the head of WWBN it was quoted that 'Whoever Dunena is they're on to a good thing, and might just be the Wizarding Worlds answer to the Muggle World's 'Julian Assange'"
In Depth Report: Dunena's Mad Mad World #3

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Tue Jun 14, 2011 5:25 am
"In local news the Victorian Ministry of Magic are continuing investigations into a alleged House Elf sighting on April 26th in Drouin, a rural town 45 minutes from Melbourne. Witnesses described two ugly children suspected of stealing sneakers and wearing odd headgear. No ministry intervention was required but a number of confused Muggles where reported at the scene.

The Ministry of Magic has issued a reminder for House Elf Owners to take care when in areas where Muggles may be present."

In Depth Report: And at last we will be free, You're a bluebird

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Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:39 pm
Pirates of WWBN - AT HONEY'S END! - Page 4 Wwbn-n10

Pirates of WWBN - AT HONEY'S END! - Page 4 Kim10 "Hello and welcome to WWBN News at Five, I'm Kim Sparkle and now for the headlines."

" 'No News is Good News' Is the word coming down from the Ministry and Re-it.. Re..iterated across the world. We asked The Head of Muggles United for a comment but they where unashamedly silent."

"More bulletins and the latest Quidditch Scores Right After This Break.."

No Story is Too Big or Too Small!
Post your Own News Stories!

Write Your Story (don't forget to keep it short and snappy for the camera!)
[b]In Depth Report:[/b] [url=link to source thread here (optional)[/url]

"...and in other news a happy occasion as a woman is reunited with her long lost pet Norwegian Ridgeback named Snuffles who flew off after setting fire to her house and those of neighbouring Muggles. The Woman states she is delighted but doesn't understand why her insurance premiums have sky-rocketed after what she claims was just 'a little accident"

"This is Kim Sparkle wishing you a good and safe evening."


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Beyond WWB

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Post 76 on Sun Nov 27, 2011 5:38 pm

Meliae Ashton

Meliae Ashton
Born in Australia Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
:+ : IT Consultant / Teacher
Gippsland Grammar School for Young Witches
Female Posts : 61
Age : 39
Current Location : Warragul, Australia
Job : IT Consultant
Face Claim : Sarah Polley
Famous Last Words : Meep..
Pet/Familar : IpoAC
"Shut up, all those ads are paid for by the Secret Lawyers Council and you know it!" Sky Captain Mel argued with a roll of her eyes, it was time to get down to business and she didn't have time for one liner quips with Captain Marcus all day. Not if they where going to reach the HMS Enterprise in good time and still manage a way to solve this honey crisis that was so plaguing their otherwise happy world. It wasn't to say that there was no joy to be found. Sky Captain Mel was overjoyed to see the First Mate restored to good health and after returning to her Doctor and daughter well there was nothing that could ruin her smile as after a quick costume change and some packing the young pirate family did join the others at the familiar bulk of the Good Ship Awesome. To think her journey had started on the very same vessel so many years ago when she first came to sail under Captain Marcus' pirate flag. Not bad for a farming girl who'd only expectation was to grow hops and settle down with a nice wizarding man.

"Lady Rowan! Oh and Boatswain Nathy.. so good to see you!" Sky Captain Mel said as she hugged and greeted each familiar face in turn.. well except of course for the Billage Rat, Sky Captain Mel just held her daughter close as Pirate Ashleigh.. the cutest Pirate to sail the seven seas (only if well.. she hadn't quite managed to sail even one just yet!) stared at the odd man before gurgling and pointing to the missing Hammer sitting on a ledge where by the look of the shells someone had been using it to crack open pistachio nuts with great vigor. Unaware of the assistance Ashleigh was giving Sky Captain Mel was excited to see her crew together for the first time in such a long time, even the arrival of the drunken.. or no Sky Captain Mel had to re-evaluate to not so drunken crewmen of the Dragoncat. Catching Doctor Ethan's hand she smiled happily as the greetings where made, before passing Pirate Ashleigh to his father before giving Captain Marcus a swift salute and "Aye, aye Sir" at the instructions to set sail. Waiting for the precious honey to fill the tanks of the Good Ship Awesome Sky Captain Mel looked to First Mate Chloe "Go on.. tell that lazy lot to get the sails ready, with a good headwind we should be able to get to Island of the Wobbly Rock in no time at all.." Indeed Sky Captain Mel could find no better weather for the beginning of a journey, soon they would see the gleaming speck on the horizon of her ship, Sky Captain Mel offered the wheel to First Mate Chloe to drive so as to take her spyglass and search the horizon, a frown in her expression at the alarming angle at which the HMS Enterprise was learning from where the tide had left it stranded on the beach.

Sky Captain Mel swore, it was going to take all the energy they could muster to get the ship out of that muck! "Science Officer Report!" Sky Captain Mel shouted before waiting for the man, offering her spyglass she pointed towards the horizon "What do you make of that? Do you think this coffee formula will be powerful enough to get the ship airborne?" Sky Captain Mel asked, she hadn't planned on the tide being low when they arrived and so apart from the equipment salvaged from the HMS Enterprise and brought aboard by her crew Captain Mel was unsure if they had anything that could get the ship in the air again. Clearly Pirate Marty had made a impression on the young Sky Captain as she rested her arms against the side of the ship "Have you had any thoughts to where we might find a fresh source of honey? Perhaps the past.. no.. that would be too implausible.." Sky Captain Mel sighed, even as a future version of Pirate Ashleigh, caught adrift in the universe of AU was prone to argue and point out that there was nothing foreseeable wrong with mucking about with the fabric of time as long as you did it properly and didn't assume the future cared about the brand name 'retro' sneakers and sound systems made by a telecommunications company that didn't even exist in the 2240th century (I'm looking at you.. Star Trek!).

Pirates of WWBN - AT HONEY'S END! - Page 4 Mel-me11
Pirates of WWBN - AT HONEY'S END! - Page 4 Pbucket

Post 77 on Wed Nov 30, 2011 5:50 am

Jamie Savage

Jamie Savage
Born in England Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
:+ : Professional Quidditch Player / Instructor
International Quidditch League
Male Posts : 50
Age : 50
Current Location : London, England
Job : Quidditch Player
Face Claim : Matt King
Famous Last Words : Scooorrreee
Jamie was welcomed aboard the awesome he and his crew were sober and ready to set sail as the orders were given by Capt marcus.
"I think we will be staying on board in hopes of new Honey and i give ye my word my men will behave i have sobered them up and we stand ready to help."
It was at this moment that dunena the soothsayer started to act a little on the strange side. it was the beginning of what would at some point become a vision probably the first real on he had sober in almost 20 years which meant it would probably be more actuary than any of his more recent visions.
Jamie turned to Dunena an noted that he was less than animated witch even sober was strange for his soothsayer.
"You Ok Dee" Jamies asked his soothsayer as the made there were about to set off for there room.
Dunena looked at jamie with unseeing eyes as honey was mention by sky capt Mel.
"The honey be beyond our known place it will take the 2 ships to reach it one beyond it time and one that carry 2 crews the honey is held there" dunena's hands shaking one raised beyond the other
"Theo Get the map he see's the honey. he knows were to go" Jamie was very existed his soothsayer was going to show them were to go and he was in the zone no longer dunena he was seeing the future and in it he could see honey.
"do you here honey can be found" Jamie said as eh waited for the cabin boy to find the bloody map.
( Dunena Reid and Jamie Savage posted to gather)

Pirates of WWBN - AT HONEY'S END! - Page 4 Jamie10

Post 78 on Sun Dec 04, 2011 4:01 am

Theo Leggieri

Theo Leggieri
Born in Australia Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
:+ : 7th Year Student/Pizza Boy
Accademia Magica di Italia
Male Posts : 37
Age : 25
Current Location : Italy
Job : Student / Pizza Delivery Boy
Face Claim : François Goeske
Famous Last Words : So that's two large pizzas and a coke..
Theo had to blush sheepishly as the 'whos' turned out to be his own crew. "Aye Aye Sir!" he called out on getting the instructions, he never did wait to find out 'why' such things had to be done and immediately hurried off to assist the slightly-more sober crewmates to empty out the fuel tank into a couple of jerrycans before loading them up on the deck, entirely unaware of the value of the fuel to the rest of the world. Little did they know that they where being watched closely by intelligences greater then them yet as mortal as their own regarded the honey with envious eyes. and slowly and surely they drew their plans against them. With that done he went to his own little corner of the hold to toss his few possessions into a knapsack. One good thing about being a slave was that you tended to travel light so he was soon back after finding a bottle of Klatchian Coffee for the Captain.

"Here you go Captain" Theo shouted tossing the bottle to the Captain he watched as the Soothsayer took the potion before soldering his pack glad that it wasn't him having to carry the heavy jerrycans all the way to well..wherever they where going. It turned out to be another ship, much smaller then theirs and run by a red haired woman by the looks of it. Theo's brows creased in confusion. Why where they on this ship and why where they taking the honey? Where they selling it for more Rum? That seemed to make sense but there seemed to be something more going on that had confused Theo.. until slowly the pieces came together that he was being sold... again. Or so Theo thought anyway as he eyed off the new crew.. there was certainly a lot of them for such a small ship.. wouldn't it be rather crowded? At least the word was that they where going to find honey. That was good because while they'd been at port everyone had just about gotten to drinking and Theo was beginning to get bored of cleaning the empty rum bottles and other 'refuge' of a heavy nights drinking each day.

"Nice to meetcha too Miss" he said as politely as he could muster what with being no more then a humble Cabin Boy talking to a Lady and all. It seemed though that he was wrong about her being the Captain when a short Pirate and a girl who couldn't have been much older then himself arrived. Sheepishly Theo glanced down at his costume wishing it was a bit cleaner, less ragged and not so soggy from his efforts of swabbing the deck earlier. Did he dare talk to her? But then the Soothsayer started acting weird.. Theo had seen this happen before.. it meant a Prophecy was to be made!! Quietly he listened looking more confused each moment until he was told to get the map.. Quickly Theo went to hunt though his knapsack of supplies to pull out the Complete A to Z guide to Pirateverse. "GOT IT!" He shouted running to hand it over, in that moment he tripped over the Billage Rat and went sprawling across the deck.."Sorry........!" Theo said before picking himself up and hurrying over to hand the map to his Captain, worrying the entire time as he did if the others would punish him for his transgression.

Pirates of WWBN - AT HONEY'S END! - Page 4 Theo-s10

Post 79 on Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:36 pm


Once aboard the Good Ship Awesome, Science Officer Marty set about brewing large quantities of his new fuel so that they would have enough to get the HMS Enterprise moving as well as leave some with the Good Ship Awesome should the honey Captain Jamie brought along prove to not be enough. As he brewed, the Science Officer would stop and take readings using his HyPon Tablet (for when a HyPad is too bulky such as horseback riding, swimming and pirating) until he was able to triangulate the exact position of the HMS Enterprise which he passed on to Captain Marcus and First Mate Chloe so they could navigate the Good Ship Awesome to its location.

In the meantime, he briefed Quartermaster Gman and Ship's Doctor Ethan on his plans for uprighting the HMS Enterprise with their help and the help of Cabin Boy Theo, a good strong lad from the Dragon Cat by installing a system of pulleys and ropes he had brought with him that would be attached with skyhooks patented by the rapelling young men in the Greek island village in another movie of Quartermaster Gman's.

However, Science Officer Marty continued to take readings, and with more frequency, the closer they got to the island. It was during one of these readings, that Sky Captain Mel called for him to report. Using his HyPon Tablet, he showed her the system he had worked out for raising the HMS Enterprise utilizing its computer generated video. However, it was the next questions that presented some debate. "Yes, Sky Captain Mel, it is strong enough to get the ship airborne and it will run well on it. As for a new supply of honey," Science Officer Marty paused and looked back at the 4G tablet, "So far there have been no signals whatsoever of any signs of honey en route. Once we get on the HMS Enterprise, however, I can search farther using the ship's stronger 85G. "

Conversation ended as they arrived at the island and the four men went about their work while Captain Marcus and his crew and the members of the Dragon Cat crew prepared the Good Ship Awesome for the rest of their adventure. With some close up shots of intense labor (for some odd reason one of the camera crew kept insisting that close ups of Ship's Doctor Ethan at owrk were mandatory not that the fact that Sky Captain Mel kept holding a sword at his throat would have been any influence in that camera crew's decision), a rousing rendition of Voulez Vous, the strategic placement of the skyhooks and a hearty 'heave ho', the HMS Enterprise was upright and taking on the new fuel developed by the Science Officer. With the work done, Cabin Boy Theo was sent back to the Good Ship Awesome

However, during all this time, Science Officer Marty would keep checking his HyPon Tablet for readings and keeping a wary eye on their surroundings. He was beginning to think all would be well when they struck. Quiet as cats prowling for mice, they sprang from the jungle growth that had been strategically placed just for a convenient place to hide. Of course, they would spring quietly for they were the Cat People of DoonaMakeYaWannaParty Island and there was only one way to get out of their alive. "Sky Captain Mel! Get The Cutest Little Pirate Ever Ashleigh and yourself on board! Fire up the Warp Engines!" the Science Officer called to her as he tossed the only weapon that would work against the Cat People without harming them, for this was a humane movie after all approved by the RSPCA, ASPCA and WhateverSPCA !

So it was, armed with their trusty laser pointers, the trio that remained backed toward the HMS Enterprise, keeping the Cat People of DoonaMakeYaWannaParty Island distracted chasing the tiny red dots until they were safely on board and underway. All were safe and nothing had gone wrong.....

.... except for the distraction that the attack provided for someone else's plan!

Post 80 on Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:17 pm

Fifi LaRoux

Fifi LaRoux
Born in France Pureblood - A Witch or Wizard with All Pureblood Ancestors usually because of Purest Values against Intermingling with Muggles etc.
:+ : Hit Wizard - and we don't mean Platinum Record Hits!
French Ministry of Magic
Female Posts : 90
Age : 42
Current Location : Somewhere Faboulous!
Job : Hit Wizard - French/European Ministry of Magic
Face Claim : Lady GAGA
Famous Last Words : Sometimes your worst enemy is yourself...
Pet/Familar : La'Fonz
It was always a challenge to find something that went well with blood. Thankfully Madam Fifi had a sizable and extensive wardrobe to pick and chose from, her spy network of backup dancers where adapt at sneaking though even the most thin crack (though they did have some issues it was true when it came to glass doors and certain laser products). Either way Madam Fifi had just been disposing of a rather rancid client when the word came to her ears that there had been a meeting of Pirates called, a event not seen for well over a year. Clearly there was something a foot and nobody was more versed in seeing just what kind of feet and shoes would go with then Madam Fifi.

So the fools thought they could find a source of Honey? Fifi had her suspicions but she knew as well as anyone who had at least remained awake during the introduction sequence that the supply of honey was crucial and whoever happened to control said supply was sure to be very very rich, and when they said Diamonds where a girls best friend well it became quite a expensive habit when one wished to have a social gathering of the very best. Sending some of her minions ahead it had come back that Sky Captain Mel was back, Madam Fifi scoffed, that woman couldn't even manage a heroic hairdo and what kind of Pirate Captain would go without a flirty dress and insisting on being called a Pirate Queen? Either way it offered a opportunity that Madam Fifi of course grasped in her experienced hands, so her dances where sent off to make their way to the Island with the wobbly rock to sit in wait for the ship to arrive. Fifi herself took a less moist but just as unpleasant arrival clinging to the side of the so called Awesome Ship, the smell certainly was one thing that Madam Fifi would admit to being 'awesome' in it's strength. Little did she know her hiding spot was directly below the poop deck (for named for well the fact that Captain Marcus had always been a bit old fashioned about the ships plumbing..or well lack of it).

It was most certainly a perilous voyage, none the less that she had to hold on and hope that none of the pirates would take to drop a number one or two on the way. Never had there been such a relief as when the ship arrived at the island and Madam Fifi was able to skunk off into the high grass, circling around to climb up the side of the Good Ship Awesome using one of the ropes the crew had rigged up to help strengthen the stricken vessel. Landing lightly on the deck with only slight marring of the floor by her inappropriately high heels Madam Fifi hid herself behind a console and waited till the opportune moment, the moment that three figures appeared in her view.. well two and a half because one hardly counted a baby. It was almost too easy as the distracted Sky Captain was too busy taking care of the child to do anything as Madam Fifi did a fancy (yet utterly unnecessary) flip to land squarely on her feet with the tip of her dagger poised against the Science Officer's throat. "Ai think not, Mr Harper".. DUN DUN! DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUN!"Hand over the honey and the ship or else" already the backup dancing catPeople where starting to focus after their brief shiny distraction.. all was looking very serious right until...

.. the end music started!

..wait what?

Pirates of WWBN - AT HONEY'S END! - Page 4 Fifi-s11

Post 81 on Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:32 pm

Marcus Hobson

Marcus Hobson
Born in Australia Pureblood - A Witch or Wizard with All Pureblood Ancestors usually because of Purest Values against Intermingling with Muggles etc.
:+ : Caretaker / 4th Year Magical Education & Arts
Australian Institute of Advanced Magical Learning
Gippsland Grammar School for Young Witches
Male Posts : 65
Age : 40
Current Location : Gippsland, Australia
Job : Gippsland Grammar - Caretaker
Face Claim : Thom Yorke
Famous Last Words : if i don't have at least three peoples trying to kill me at any point in time i'm not doing my job
Pet/Familar : Errol
..Next Time on Pirates of WWBN - At Honey's End PART TWO

..wait.. there wasn't a part two?

..Will Marty Harper escape? What does the kniving Madam Fifi want with the honey? Can the Pirate Captains work together? Just what was Beanie the wonderkitteh doing in the hold and will Chloe get her possie of domesticated Killer Bees? Most of all just what, is at honey's end?

..Okay I see what you're doing!, cashing in on stretching it out. nice one ^.~.

..I do two parts now, Two part films are cool.

..If you say so..

The Cast of WWBN - At Honey's End
(in order of appearance)

Marcus Hobson as Captain Marcus
Lady Macbeth as Pintmaster Lady M
Rowan Dragonsinger as Lady Rowan
Nathan Wright as Master Nathy
Beanpole as Beanie the Wonderkitteh
Greta Greenwich as Ships Gunner Greta
Jared Maddock as Cabin Boy Jared
Ianto Parker as Billage Rat Ianto
Chloe Hobson as First Mate Chloe
Bertrand as Himself
Polly O'Brien as Lady Polly of Bows
Ethan Fitch-Hunter as Ships Doctor Ethan
Marty Harper as Pirate Marty Chief Science Officer of the HMS Enterprise
Meliae Ashton as Sky Captain Mel
Ashleigh Fitch-Hunter as the Cutest Pirate Ever to Sail The Seven Seas
Gerard Hunter Q.C. as Quartermaster Gman
Jamie Savage as Captain Jamie that Savage
Dunena Reid as Dunena the Soothsayer
Doris Hunter Q.C. as Pirate Queen Mum Doris
Emma Fitch-Hunter as Ships Cook Emma
Theo Leggieri as Cabin Boy Theo
Fifi LaRoux as Madam Fifi

Written by

Thank you to everyone who took part, you where all amazing! and here's to 2012 and part 2 of At Honey's End!

Pirates of WWBN - AT HONEY'S END! - Page 4 Marcus22
Pirates of WWBN - AT HONEY'S END! - Page 4 Pbucket

Post 82 on Tue Sep 18, 2012 4:59 am


Pirates of WWBN - AT HONEY'S END! - Page 4 Intermission

Post 83 on Tue Sep 18, 2012 5:20 am


Science Officer Marty was continuing to shine his laser pointer against the trees as he felt the cold steel edge against his throat...........

"Intermission??? Now? For how long???? Just a few minutes, so they can get snacks?" The crew was then drowned out by the sudden and loud playing of


Yes, the projectionist put on the Optigon Intermission Clock. However, what no one realized was that said projectionist used that time to make a quick run to the loo, and proceeded to get himself locked in.

Not the brightest crayon in the box, this caused the clip to run again and again and again............

......... until someone finally realized there was a problem and turned the intermission off. Finally, the sound they'd all been waiting for: ACTION!

Of course, one advantage had been it gave Marty enough time to think of a way out, which was to take one step back and shake his head. "We don't have the honey. We're trying to find it," he explained to the young woman before him. In the meantime, while waiting for intermission to end, he had pulled out his 4G tablet and woozled sources of catnip that would ship anywhere. Thanks to the long intermission and the excellent timing of the Gallant Young Men Flying Machines Delivery Service, seventeen crates of catnip were being dropped in the midst of the cat people. Unfortunately, the drop was not in time to prevent the cabin boy on the Good Ship Awesome being transformed into a scratching post by the Cat People. To prevent the accidental attraction of brownie addicted familiars, Science Officer Marty had also arranged for a brownie drop on the Good Ship Awesome.

Post 84 on Fri Oct 05, 2012 4:57 pm

Jamie Savage

Jamie Savage
Born in England Halfblood - A Witch or Wizard with a mixture of Pure and Magical Blood
:+ : Professional Quidditch Player / Instructor
International Quidditch League
Male Posts : 50
Age : 50
Current Location : London, England
Job : Quidditch Player
Face Claim : Matt King
Famous Last Words : Scooorrreee
Jamie was standing and waiting with Dunena the soothsayer when it seamed they had been invaded by a army of cat people and some blond with well strange dress cents. then they decided to do some sort of stop work union meeting called intermission. Jamie knew this good ship awesome was full of slacker and so he waited and wait... Then some one turned off the intermission clock.
And then crates dropped from the sky the cats seamed happy at what was in them.
" we'll that seamed easy" Jamie the savage said then turned back to Dunena who had been in a paused vision for a long time.
" need maps. So we can get this show back on the road or is that in the sky" Jamie yelled across the deck to his cabin boy.
" ok back to work" he turned to Dunena " honey" Jamie waited for everyone to get back in to there places " ok where's the honey dee" Jamie waited ...

Pirates of WWBN - AT HONEY'S END! - Page 4 Jamie10

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